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"Leslie is the greatest animal nanny I have ever had - I have had animals for 20 years and have never found someone so caring, observant, flexible and genuinely kind. My animals love her - knowing I have Leslie reduces my stress to a great extent as I travel quite a bit right now for work. My animals love her and I really don't know what I would do without her!!! This might sound silly but it's so important to me that I have delayed a move for quite sometime."

Rachel Bartha


"Leslie is part dog. She gets down with my Pepper who is so shy and loves her. I trust her for day or overnight visits. Highly recommend her"


"She gives the best love to the animals while their parents are away! I know my animals love her!!!"
Marcia Ghyzel


"She does a wonderful job! Max is very happy with her!"


"She is great!"


"Leslie the Animal Nanny is the best! She broke of my dogs of his separation anxiety (in two days) and taught both dog silly and adorable tricks! She truly is the Animal Nanny."


"She takes GREAT care of Oakley. He loves her."


"Leslie always takes fantastic care of our pets. Even goes the extra step to be sure that the house looks "lived in" while we are gone. She will spend whatever time is needed to make sure the pet is comfortable and is cared for during her visits. We love her!"


"Leslie is the BEST. She is responsive at any hour...nothing is ever an issue for her. It is clear that she loves animals and she is great with my cat.
I trust her with my house and my pet. Thanks Leslie!"
Michelle Brown


"She always goes the extra step. From taking in the mail/newspapers to bringing the cans from the curb. It is all a part of the service. She spends extra time with your pet to ensure they are comfortable has the attention your pet needs. We love her!"
Meg M.


Leslie The Animal Nanny, who has cared for my two dogs for the past 4 years. During this time Leslie has demonstrated not only a commitment to my dogs, but to helping me become a better dog owner.

Leslie has clearly shown her ability to care for my two dogs, by assisting them in being taught how to use a lead, how to behave in public, and how to socialize. Leslie has a relentless attitude in working with challenging dogs and a belief that all dogs are trainable and able to learn with love.

I can attest to the integrity of Leslie who has stayed numerous nights at my house over the past four years where credit cards, checkbooks, and cash were visible. She is trustworthy and goes above and beyond her normal responsibilities. An example of this is when she will send photos via cell phone while I am out of town of what my girls are doing or when she will take them to disco dog parties to assist them in better socializing with other dogs.

Leslie has not only become an asset to me as my job demands irregular hours which Leslie is always willing to work with, but a person that I can staff issues with my girls as they become older.

I can personally attest that my dogs would not be as well trained without the assistance of Leslie. Furthermore, traveling as I do, knowing Leslie is at the house gives me not only comfort in knowing the dogs are cared for, but that in the event of an emergency she is equipped and able to handle any situation.
I am confident in recommending Leslie the Animal Nanny as a dog nanny for she is professional, driven toward success, and committed to the animals that she takes care of.
Helen P.

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